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Google Wallet takes over from Google Pay on Android

Following the plans announced during the last Google I/0 2022, the deployment of Google Wallet as a replacement for Google Pay begins to be effective for more and more users of the Internet giant. It is expected that in the coming days and weeks it will be like this for everyone, within the markets included in the first phase of this change.

Is not that google-wallet be something new. Nothing is further from reality: Google’s “electronic wallet” It has been around the Android ecosystem for more than a decade, trying to cover more and more tasks. And it continues: substitution of credit and debit cards, yes, but also tickets for transport and shows, flight boarding passes, gift cards… even for vaccination records or other types of identification, it is postulated.

Be that as it may, Google Wallet’s next step in its evolution is quite a journey back, after the first leg: to replace Google Pay as an Android application with which to carry out payments via NFT. It will do so over the coming days and weeks as a regular update to Google Pay, which will be renamed simply Wallet and will include other features such as those mentioned above, as they become available.

GooglePay, however, does not disappear, as it will continue to function as an indication of the Google payment system in third-party services. On sites, physical or virtual, where you can pay or buy Google Pay/Wallet cards, go. In other words, Google Pay will be the system, Google Wallet the application addressed to the end user.

With respect to the end user, Google Wallet will replace Google Pay in territories around the world, including Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, ChiliCroatia, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, SpainEstonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Ukraine.

The truth is that Google Pay works very well and the same is expected of Google Wallet, with the multipurpose addition that awaits it, Even so, suspicions about Google and data, together with the fact that practically all banks allow payments through NFT with its mobile applications, it is going to make it difficult for the Internet giant. With a but, this time in his favor: having it all unified in a single applicationa factor, that of comfort, that Google has always had as a flag.





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