Solution to the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal to get the lost rune

Solution to the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal to get the lost rune

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These are the movements that you must make with the mirrors to overcome this puzzle in Diablo Immortal.

There are not many puzzles that we have to solve in our adventure through Diablo Immortal, but the ones that do exist can end up causing a headache for the players, especially one that is related to a series of mirrors.

Although the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal It may seem a bit complicated at first, the truth is that it is quite simple, basically because we will only have to make four movements in three of the mirrors, and leave the rest intact.

so we tell you how to solve the puzzle of the mirrors in Diablo Immortal so you can get the lost rune.


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Solution to the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal to get the lost rune

This puzzle is part of the quest to get one of the runes once you access the Zoltun Kulle library, which is part of the main campaign.

In the first part of the puzzle you will be told to light all nine lamps at the same time in the library, while in the second part you must align a series of mirrors to the correct places so that the beam of light is projected onto the blue rune in order to illuminate it.


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The combination is very easy since the first thing you have to do is push the leftmost mirror one space, followed by moving the mirror adjacent to the previous one another space, with the idea that both form an angle of 90°. Now we only have to locate the mirror that is closest to the rune and move it down twice and you will have solved the puzzle.

Now all you have to do is interact with the rune that has been activated to overcome this puzzle.

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