Wesker's new look in the Netflix series Resident Evil unleashes a wave of memes

Wesker’s new look in the Netflix series Resident Evil unleashes a wave of memes

The reactions of the fans with Resident Evil are immediate and make a wave of memes making fun of the new look of Albert Wesker in the Netflix series.

Before your arrival at Netflixmany fans were reluctant to the new series of Resident Evil, among other things, to show a Albert Wesker black (played by lance reddick).

Although the series explains this “script hole”, the production has not had a special reception among critics and the public, becoming the worst valued video game adaptation of all.

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Apart from showing their disagreement on social networks, fans of the franchise have once again brought out their imagination when it comes to making the funniest memes about the resident evil series.

Many have not been able to avoid comparing the series with the saga of films starring Milla Jovovich that hardly had anything to do with video games, seeing them now with different eyes after having contemplated the “adaptation” of Netflix.

Though What fans have been primed with the most is the appearance of Lance Reddick’s Wesker, which they have compared to that of Marvel’s Blade himself.. And the truth is that it does have its resemblance, yes).

There have been many who have agreed that the best choice for Wesker would have been Anthony Star, an actor well known for his role as Patriot in The Boys and who fits perfectly with Wesker’s appearance in video games.

Of course, jokes about this “Blade” version of Albert Wesker in the Netflix series have not been lacking either.

There are so many related jokes that we would throw all afternoon, so we leave you with this joke below, referring to one of the moments of the great series Malcolm in the Middle.

Continuing the events established in the games, the Resident Evil series encompasses two different timelines, one in the year 2022 and one in the year 2036.

The plot of the year 2036 features Billie and Jade Wesker, daughters of the infamous Albert Wesker. Jade works for the University of Madrid and collects information in a desolate London, helped by a Spanish colleague named Arjún.

For its part, the plot of the year 2022 shows us how humanity is on the verge of extinction. This part focuses on the Wesker family moving to Raccoon City 2, where they are supposed to live happily ever after in the city run by Umbrella… Or maybe not.

The first season of Resident Evil is available in the Netflix catalog from July 14, 2022. We remind you that our review of Resident Evil is available on the web.





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