No Man's Sky gets its 20th free update, Endurance

No Man’s Sky gets its 20th free update, Endurance

No Man’s Sky Endurance comes out as the twentieth free update now available, focused on customization options for motherships, new graphic effects…

No Man’s Sky is one of the healthiest success stories in the industry. Hello Games was able to recover from its failed version 1.0 with free updates and expansions, and today No Man’s Sky is still the game of reference space explorationwhich has even been encouraged to have a version on Switch.

No Man’s Sky Endurance is the name of the game’s twentieth free update (version 3.94), now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.


No Man’s Sky: Endurance – Update Trailer

The main grace of this update is the possibility of being able to customize our mothership. We can apply themed rooms, catwalks or decoration that will give the ship more personality, while the crew we hire will bring it to life.

All changes and patch notes are listed on the game’s website, which we summarize here with the most important points:

  • You can install plants and crops on the ship
  • You can build viewing platforms on the outside of the ship
  • New visual effects when traveling through black holes
  • Mothership exteriors have been updated with better textures and more surface detail
  • The hangars have also been redecorated
  • You will meet organic motherships, full of tentacles, that come out procedurally
  • Nebulae, clouds of gases in space, have new visual effects
  • You can teleport from the hangar and the bridge of the frigate
  • New types of asteroids and asteroid clouds are added

No Man’s Sky Update 20 (completely free) comes out just three months after the last update, Leviathan, featuring space whales and a roguelike experience.

Sean Murray recently said that despite being six years in the making, the end of support for the game was nowhere near near, and they always have new ideas and content to add to No Man’s Sky.





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