Cruella 2 could start filming in early 2023, according to Paul Walter Hauser

Cruella 2 could start filming in early 2023, according to Paul Walter Hauser

Paul Walter Hauser offers a little update on the current state of Cruella 2, the sequel to the film starring Emma Stone.

One of the most deliciously funny movies of 2021 was Cruella. Emma Stone got into the skin of the iconic villain of Disney that we know from the 101 Dalmatians movies.

Despite having over her the long shadow of the interpretation of Glenn CloseEmma Stone rose to the occasion and signed a brilliant performance in the film directed by Craig Gillespie.

Despite having a hybrid theatrical and streaming release, the film grossed over $200 million, double its production budget. This made, of course, that the comments about a potential sequel did not take long to occur.

Disney greenlit the sequel in the summer of 2021, but there hasn’t been any big development news, so far.

Talking with Forbesthe actor Paul Walter Hauserwhich interprets Horace (Horacio) in the film, highlighted that they hope to be able to film the movie in 2023.

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Hauser explains that, to his knowledge, the script is currently being worked on by Tony McNamara. The biggest problem facing the sequel to Cruella is the schedule availability of Emma Stone and director Craig Gillespie.

The actress just finished filming Poor Thingsand is already preparing the shooting of The Cursebefore, predictably, resuming his role as Cruella de Vil.

As to Craig Gillespiewas chosen to direct The Antisocial Network’s television adaptation of the GameStop stock scandal.

In any case, with a view to an entry into production for 2023, there should not be too many conflicts if the two projects by Stone and Gillespie that go before proceed normally.

In addition to Emma Stone and Paul Walter Hauser, it is expected that emma thompson come back as the baroness, that villain who serves as a model of who she becomes Estella Miller (stone).

What did you think of the Cruella movie? Did Emma Stone’s iteration of Cruella de Vil convince you in the 2021 movie?

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