This original Game Boy mod imagines what it would have been like with a GB Advance-style horizontal layout

This original Game Boy mod imagines what it would have been like with a GB Advance-style horizontal layout

A new mod for the original Game Boy aims to transform history in an attempt to alter its course. I mean, what if Nintendo’s original handheld had more of a Game Boy Advance look?

Even though the original game boy is considered in our times as an iconic piece of hardware in the annals of video game history, what would have happened to have a horizontal layout like Game Boy Advance?

This has been the work of a talented modder who recently showed the world his creation. The look, feel, and gameplay of this Game Boy a little different from how we remember it.

Only as they collect in Gizmodo It has not been enough for him to create a 3D render or a full impression, since he went with everything designing and creating a functional prototype this retro handheld console.


Game Boy, Nintendo’s first handheld. THE RISE OF THE BRICK.

There were those who argued with arguments that the original game boy design (with the controls below the screen) was perfect, others did not defend it as strongly.

What’s more, they are the same ones who, in terms of ergonomics, defended that the following design seen on Game Boy Advance (with controls on each side of the screen) are easier on the hands.

Not only ergonomically speaking, since they were much more comfortable when playing for a long time with the nintendo handheld console.

It is a pity that Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance had such a dull and clear brightness screen with hardly any lighting, causing a lot of use of glasses in their generation.

The game boy design sometimes it is defended that it gives a greater aspect of the screen, although in this case the obirux modder wanted to bring as many elements as possible from this console to its new look.


This Gameboy is like no other

The only noticeable improvement in its creation is a better display with better lighting and the ability to easily change the game’s color palette.

according to own Obiruxto create their work they have had to sacrifice two Game Boy shells for this prototype. That’s why it looks so similar to the portable console, only thrown to one side.

The original power switch, volume wheel, link port, headphone jack and buttons next to the directional pad with the controls have been adjusted in the redesign.

For this and much more, this original game boy landscape it looks so polished that many would suspect (and take it for granted) that this is something that Nintendo itself decided not to do.

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Of course and as you are thinking right now, Obirux has no plans to manufacture and sell more units of this prototype. From what can be seen in the video, it is the only copy in the world.

It is not annoying, because many would like to have it to play. While we remind you that in 2021 Game Boy Advance turned 20 years old.

Will Obirux inspire other modders to create more portable consoles with others as a base?

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