The creator of The Boys has no plans for new spin-offs of the series after the premiere of Gen V

The creator of The Boys has no plans for new spin-offs of the series after the premiere of Gen V

The Boys premiered its third season last month, but a university spin-off of the series is already on the horizon that will connect what we already saw with the next season.

Yesterday we knew the final name it would have The Boys Presents: Varsity, the university spin-off of TheBoys, and we also saw who would be the leading cast of the new series. This is not the first spinoff by TheBoysbecause this year the animated series premiered The Boys presents: Diabolicalbut it could be the last.

Eric Kripke, the showrunner and creator of TheBoyshe explained in a recent interview with TheWrap the origin of the next spin-off of the series and the reasons why it is unlikely that we will see other spin-offs in the future.

Will there be new spin-offs of The Boys?

Seth, Evan, Craig Rosenberg and I, we don’t feel the need to create spin-offs”, assured Eric Kripke. “We were just talking and came across this idea, and we were so excited about it that we brought it to Amazon. Because we believe that there is a real opportunity to see another part of the world of vought”.

Gen Vthe official name for the new series set in the universe of TheBoysit will take place in Vought College Campus and its protagonists will be a group of young people played by: Lizze Broadway, Chance Perdomo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaz Sinclair, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Sean Patrick Thomas and Marco Pigossi.

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It “more important” for Kripke is to create “a series that is not done so often” and that is precisely what he likes most about the next spin-off: “The goal of this is to make this superhero series one of the most realistic college series ever made. And dealing with real college issues and truly exploring what it’s like to be that age”.

Gen V does not yet have a confirmed release date, but the first three seasons of TheBoys as well as its previous spin-off, The Boys presents: Diabolicalare now available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.





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