Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap: where to find all 6 secret stones to unlock the best weapon

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap: where to find all 6 secret stones to unlock the best weapon

In this Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap guide we explain how to find the six secret stones of each transformation to get the best weapon in the game.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap may seem deceiving: its cartoonish appearance makes it seem like a simple game, but it is actually a considerably difficult game. After all, it’s a remake of a Sega Master System game from 1989!

Fortunately, there are several ways to make your journey through Wonder Boy 3 easier. One is using the cheat codes, passwords that allow you to get all the objects, money and skip areas of the game.

But if you want to play fair, in this Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap guide We explain how to get all the transformation stones that allow you to buy the best sword in the game.


Gameplay Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap: Location of the 6 Secret Stones


Although the lizard form is the first you get in the game, to get the stone you have to wait near the end, because you need to have the lion form, which allows you to access the desert.

In the desert, walk to the left and drop down the well into the water. In the water walk to the right and on the next screen you will find the door (you need the thunder ring to break the blocks).


To get this stone you must go into the underground world. To access the challenge you must go through two invisible holes that you will most likely miss. In this video (minute 1:45) you will see the way


Go to the beach and jump into the water. With the piranha transformation you will be able to swim to the far left, where you will see a door behind a column of blocks… But the real door to enter the challenge is invisible, on top of two blocks suspended in the water (the one in the right has a scallop drawn).


Go ahead and jump between the platforms to the right. On the second screen, jump into the water. You will see a column of blocks with octopuses on top. Jump over the first column of 2×2 blocks and hit the ground to open a secret path. Then enter the door on the left.


Using the falcon, go to the desert and fly to the right. When you get to the canyon, keep flying to the right and go over a column of blocks to get to the challenge.


For the last stone you must have beaten the game, and load the game after having beaten it. To the left of the town, you will see that a house that previously had no door now does. Inside is the final challenge, full of rooms with enemies and extremely difficult jumps.

Here we leave you the analysis of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a beautiful remake with 2D graphics of a Sega and Westone classic, and the list of passwords to unlock all the transformations or go directly to the end.





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