5 curiosities of Golden Axe, the classic Sega sword and sorcery beat 'em up

5 curiosities of Golden Axe, the classic Sega sword and sorcery beat ’em up

Today we recover one of the great classics of beat ’em up. The legendary Golden Ax returns with us so that we can discover 5 great curiosities of this first installment created by Sega.

There are titles that are remembered for having given us a lot of adventures and one of the ones that always enters this type of list is Golden Axe. The Sega game created by Makoto Uchida He is one of the most beloved of the company.

Forging a saga that would define an iconic genre full of big names, Golden Ax gained fame based on sword and sorcery and here we pay him a small tribute with 5 curiosities of this renowned game.


⚔️ 5 CURIOSITIES of GOLDEN AX ⚔️, the myth of retro sword blows

And we start with the creation of Golden Ax itself. As we said, Makoto Uchida was commissioned to create a game that would compete with Technos’ Double Dragon.

Well, taking elements of Dragon Quest, The Lord of the Rings and the 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie managed to define this beat’em up. In fact, the Japanese watched the VHS tape of the film so much that it was worn out.

The truth is that the names of Golden Ax’s enemies do not come out of nowhere and they all have references to alcoholic beverages. The Long Moans are a tribute to Longmonn whiskey, the Heninger to Henninger beer and the Zuburoka amazons to Zubrowka vodka.

Talking about the censorship… Did you know that the Japanese version retains the bloodiest elements of the game? For example, the decapitation of an enemy by the protagonist or the character selection titles that ooze blood.

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Nevertheless, the origin of Golden Ax is closely linked to another classic such as Altered Beast. So much so that one of the game’s enemies, Chicken Leg, became a mount within Golden Axe. And he had his own cameo in Shenmue as a gachapon figurine.

And we leave for the end… the very end of the game, because in its version of Arcade and Mega Drive offered a really curious scene breaking the fourth wall.

In the epilogue of the story, some children appeared playing the arcade from which the enemies of Golden Ax emerged, followed by the game’s own heroes. A curious wink.

What do you remember about Golden Axe? Have you played all the titles of the saga? Would you like me to come back to the present?

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