ThinkPad X1 Fold de segunda generación

Lenovo starts showing off the second-gen ThinkPad X1 Fold

lenovo has started to show what aims to be the second generation of the ThinkPad X1 Foldequipment that comes to succeed what was at the time the first laptop with a folding screen and without a physical keyboard, which was released two years ago.

Lenovo’s first ThinkPad X1 Fold was an impressive tech demo at the time. The problem is that these types of inventions look great in futuristic movies, but then in real life their practical utility is not so great. A similar situation is experienced by folding smartphones, which despite evolving and having increasingly competitive prices, still do not attract the attention of the general public.

And what can we expect from the second generation of the ThinkPad X1 Fold? Well, initially, more of the same, but updated and presumably better. The original computer was one of the few to incorporate Intel’s Lakefield processor architecture, which ended up being discontinued just a year after it was released. Despite this event, everything indicates that Lenovo will continue betting on Intel, but incorporating the vPro and Evo certifications to theoretically improve an important aspect: the autonomy offered by the battery. The bezels also aim to be slimmer in future laptops.

Apart from the folding laptop, Lenovo aims to launch a new model of detachable keyboard with characteristic TrackPoint of the ThinkPad brand. It is already known, those of us who at least know how to type without looking at the keyboard (typing is something that requires the mastery of certain techniques) we need to touch and feel the keys to write accurately. With effort one can memorize a touch screen, but in case of getting lost, there is no other option but to look at the virtual keyboard to reposition the fingers correctly.

Despite not being a mass phenomenon, Lenovo seems to be clear about continuing to bet on folding devices, since the 2022 generation of the Razr Motor is also on the horizon, a line that in its first generation was an attempt to make folding smartphones cheaper. back then they were too expensive. The price was one of the aspects that the first generation of the ThinkPad X1 Fold had against it, costing the most basic variant $ 2,499 at the time. Of course, at least at the connectivity level, it was well served by supporting 4G and 5G along with the typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

We will see how the second generation of the ThinkPad X1 Fold ends, but laptops with a folding screen seem to be more of a technological curiosity than something really useful at the production level. We leave you with the short teaser published by Lenovo, where you can see what the aforementioned laptop and keyboard should be.





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