SEGA Genesis Mini 2 confirmed for North America… as an Amazon exclusive

SEGA Genesis Mini 2 confirmed for North America... as an Amazon exclusive

SEGA Genesis Mini 2 confirms its launch in the United States, the same day as the Japanese Mega Drive Mini 2, but there is no date in Europe yet.

Mega Drive Mini 2, a new tiny retro console that will emulate 50 games from SEGA’s 16-bit machine, was announced last month for Japan. At the moment it was only confirmed for release in Japan on October 27, but today it has been confirmed… for North America.

On the same day, October 27, the SEGA Genesis Mini 2. We no longer talk about the Mega Drive, because that was its name in Japan and Europe, but in the United States it was called the Genesis.

Now it can reserve on amazon, priced at $103.80. And beware, it will be exclusive to Amazon.


Mega Drive Mini 2 – New Games Confirmed

The new one Web page for SEGA Genesis Mini 2 also confirms the list of games (including Sega CD titles, that is, Mega CD). Will have 50 gameslike the Japanese version, although there are some differences from the confirmed games in Japan.

So far, only these have been revealed. 22 games for the Genesis Minin 2. Among them, there are some bonuses exclusively designed for this Mini Mega Drive/Genesis.

  1. Sonic CD(Sega CD)
  2. Shining Force CD (Sega CD)
  3. Silpheed (Sega CD)
  4. Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD)
  5. Ninja Warriors (Sega CD)
  6. Night Strikers (Sega CD)
  7. OutRun
  8. After Burner 2
  9. OutRunners
  10. Virtua Racing
  11. super hang on
  12. sonic 3d blast
  13. Shining in the Darkness
  14. Vectorman 2
  15. The Oooze
  16. Bonanza Brothers
  17. Alien Soldier
  18. Rainbow Islands Extra
  19. splatter house 2
  20. rolling thunders 2
  21. Lightning Force
  22. Fantasy Zone (new arcade port for Mega Drive)
  23. Star Mobile (bonus)
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In the Sega Genesis Mini 2 box will be included 1 six-button wired remoteUSB power adapter, HBMI cable and power cable

It remains to be seen how accessories such as the mini mega cd (which is just a plastic decoration) or the cyber sticka controller with two modular joysticks.

Hopefully in the next few days Sega Europe confirms the launch of Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 in Europe, where the first Mega Drive Mini did arrive in 2019.

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