New trailer for Crowsworn, the Hollow Knight-like that swept Kickstarter

New trailer for Crowsworn, the Hollow Knight-like that swept Kickstarter

Crowsworn is seen in a new trailer for the anniversary of their Kickstarter campaign, in which they achieved 10 times more than their goal. It’s a metroidvania very similar to Hollow Knight and it looks hilarious.

The metroidvania genre has resurfaced with great force in the last decade thanks mainly to the indies. There are dozens of titles in this genre, which skillfully mixes action, platforming and non-linear exploration, but none have been as influential as Hollow Knight.

Last year, independent studio Mongoose Rodeo launched a kickstarter campaign to fund Crowsworn, a metroidvania game that borrows heavily from Hollow Knight, both in aesthetics and movement.

And the fans have loved it, so much so that their campaign for kickstarter rraised 1,250,000 Canadian dollars, multiplying by 10 its goal of 125,000 dollars. To celebrate, they have released a new trailer commemorating the anniversary of their patronage campaign.


Crowsworn – Trailer

Crowsworn is in development for PC (Steam) and ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. All game assets have been drawn and animated by hand.

Crowsworn is set in the land of Fearanndal, a kingdom afflicted with a dark curse that causes all life to vanish except for some nightmarish, blind monsters.

If you’ve played the Team Cherry game, the dark, gothic aesthetics and lonely environments will remind you a lot, albeit with a slightly faster pace of actionwith firearms and “exaggerated, exhilarating combos”.

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Like metroidvania, it will be an interconnected world in which you must search for new abilities (there are no shortage of fun “dashes” to advance faster), in which you will find more than 120 types of enemies and more than 30 unique final bosses.

Also is inspired by the “Souls” to tell the story, through the environment and the clues you find around the world, in a non-linear way. Plus, you can discover more with a dozen side quests.

Crowsworn doesn’t have a date yet, but you can add it to your wish list at Steam. In its kickstarter page you will find many more images and information of this promising game.





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