An Apex Legends leak would have revealed the addition of the Titans to the battle royale

Respawn is working on a game set in the Apex Legends universe and speculation about Titanfall 3 has not been long in coming

Could Titanfall come back? A job offer indicates that Respawn Entertainment is working on a single player game related to the Apex Legends universe.

Respawn Entertainment has been one of the most in-form Electronic Arts studios and the entire “video game” scene for a few years now. The creators of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order are working on the sequel, Survivor, but they have more to come.

They are also known to be working on another Star Wars shooter… and it is that this study is a specialist in this genre, proof of this are the excellent Titanfall and Apex Legends.

The last entry in the saga was this battle royale that shares a universe with the titans of Titanfall 2, which arrived in 2016. Given the quality of the title, many fans have asked for a Titanfall 3 to be developedbut nothing seems to be very clear.

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Will we ever see this third installment? Okay, a new job offer has given wings to the theories that say yes, that there is a Titanfall 3 on the way. For what reason?

A new job offer from the studio walks seeking staff to work on “a new Respawn single-player adventure set in the Apex Legends universe”which is the same as Titanfall, as we have already mentioned.

No further details are given, but that was enough for the rumors about Titanfall 3 to spread. Although, many other fans of the saga believe that the project could go in other directions.

It has been mentioned that it would be a Apex Legends single player spinoffsince their characters are very charismatic and have already won the hearts of many players.

As we have commented, the rumors about a third installment of the saga are still there. At the beginning of May, it was said that Titanfall 3 could have been leaked when it appeared for pre-order in a German store. Nothing more we have been able to know about it.

If you are a fan of the saga, you will surely be interested to know that there has been a secret of Titanfall 2 that has remained hidden for 6 years and that it has been discovered thanks to the developer of the game itself.

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