Marvel Confirms First Images From X-Men ’97 Will Premiere At San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel Confirms First Images From X-Men '97 Will Premiere At San Diego Comic-Con

This July the San Diego Comic-Con will bring us news from the world of entertainment, among which we will see previews of the next Marvel, Disney or DC series.

On the next 21, 22, 23 and 24 July San Diego Comic-Con will return, one of the largest conventions of comics, and pop culture in general, worldwide. After suffering the ravages of the pandemic, this 2022 the event will return in style, and several producers have already shared information about their presentations.

One of the companies that has made its calendar public, and that could not be missing, is Marvel, who will finally reveal more details about his next animated series, X Men ’97the direct sequel to the animated series X Men from 1992.

Where to see the first images of X-Men ’97?

As already announced a few months ago, X Men ’97 It is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023 in the Disney Plus catalog, so we will still have to wait another year. Its first season will have ten episodes, in which we can see how the events of the original series continue.

Marvel promises to share new details of X Men ’97 at his San Diego Comic-Con panel that will take place on July 22. During his 90-minute panel, we’ll be able to see the first pictures of X Men ’97 as well as other animated projects of the company.

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What would happen if…?the animated series that presented alternative realities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will also have its space to show its new season, as well as the series Marvel Zombiesa spin-off derived from the previous one.

So that you don’t get lost with all the events that will take place in the coming weeks, we leave you here with a summary of what will happen. Disney will have a total of 18 panels at the convention beginning on the 21st, and DC will also be present for part of Warner’s presentations with The Sandman either harley quinn as two of its star series.

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