Windows 10 for 12 euros for life and an activation without a time limit

Licencias Windows 10 desde 12 euros descuentos

Summer has always been characterized as one of the favorite times to update our equipment, coinciding with some of the most interesting offers on the market. However, beyond components, reminds us that we must not forget about uNo basic as important as the operating system.

And it is that Obtaining an official Windows 10 license has never been so simple or cheapcounting the website with discounts of up to 90% compared to the price of the official Microsoft store, along with some advantages such as a lifetime licenseor the ability to activate this code without any time limit.

Although as we know that in summer money tends to fly between vacations and whims, from MuyComputer we offer you our coupon «MUY», with an additional discount of 30%, that will allow you to get a Windows 10 license from just 12 euros, as well as other licenses for Windows 11 and even Office tool packages.

On the other hand, the purchase process is as fast and intuitive as possible: we will only have to click on one of the links shown above, depending on the license in which we are interested, register on the site (in the case of not already having an account) and add the product to our cart. It is important that, once we access the cart, before entering our data to complete the purchase, we must look for the “promotion code” box, and enter our code “VERY” (without the quotes) to add an extra 30% discount on any of these products.

Once all the discounts have been applied, we will only have to complete the purchase process to receive our password in the email account associated with our user on this website, as well as in the purchase section of our account in this store. A process that can take between just a minute and up to a few hours.

How to activate Windows with your original license

If you have purchased Windows 10, for example, you can use your license in two different ways: on a new computer, or on a computer already in use.

Starting with the latter, in the event that we want to use this license to activate a computer with Windows 10 already installed, we will only have to press the Windows key (or select the search bar) and write «See if Windows is Activated» . By clicking on the first result displayed, we will access the system window from which we can select the option to activate our operating system. Once in this new pop-up window, we will only have to enter the code, after which our team will be activated instantly.

On the other hand, if what we want is to install Windows 10 from scratch on a new or old computer, we will only have to follow the instructions of the operating system installer, which at a certain point, will ask us if we want to activate the software now or later ahead. Again, the process will be as simple as entering our password and completing the installation process.

But that’s not all, and that is, if we have chosen to buy one of the Windows 10 licenses, we can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. A completely free process offered by Microsoft itself, with a linking process that will be carried out automatically and that, in the event that we are not convinced, will allow us to return to Windows 10 within 10 days.

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