New Nintendo Switch Pro rumors point to an announcement at the end of the year and games like Monster Hunter Rise Sunset at 60fps

New Nintendo Switch Pro rumors point to an announcement at the end of the year and games like Monster Hunter Rise Sunset at 60fps

Rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro reappear again due to a recent report from a well-known insider… Will we see this review of the console at some point?

Nintendo Switch continues to register very good sales despite the fact that a few years have passed since its launch. The Lite and OLED models have refreshed the console by adding other purchase options for interested gamers, but there could be more.

For some time there has been talk of Nintendo could be developing a higher model of Nintendo Switch with better components and specifications, but nothing has been made clear. Nevertheless, the Switch Pro is back at it again.

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And it is that a last rumor, which comes from a fairly reliable source such as Pixelpar, has once again shed some light on this matter that does not take off or receive a clear confirmation.

The insider and journalist commented on what he had heard about this new rumored hardware. According to his sources, Nintendo would be preparing to reveal the new console later this year.

Basically, the console would have better performanceit would maintain its compatibility with Switch games and remain focused on its hybrid identity.

I tried to stay away from these kinds of rumors for a long time, but now there is too much smoke. It looks like a new model could be announced towards the end of the year. Apparently works the same, improved performance, retains the brand and form factor.

Of course, all this must be treated as it is, a rumor that has not been confirmed, so it will be necessary to continue waiting for alerts to know more details about what could be very important news. Do you think Nintendo is working on a Switch Pro?

Many say that this model would allow you to enjoy games at 4K and take advantage of gameplay at 60 fps. Titles like Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak could benefit a lot from all this, but we can’t speculate beyond this point.

At the end of last month, Nintendo registered the ‘NSW’ brand and speculation was unleashed: a New Switch? For months we have had this type of news that continues to leave a small trail that is not clear.

In February, for example, leaked data from NVIDIA revived rumors of a new Switch Pro with DLSS and ray tracing. What will the end of 2022 bring us?

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