A strange storm turns the sky green like a disaster movie

A strange storm turns the sky green like a disaster movie

It has not been any type of radioactive escape, but a very unusual meteorological phenomenon that has just occurred in the United States.

There are many storms, especially in summer, some storms that can leave hurricane winds and heavy rainfall, but also skies of different shades, although perhaps you would never have imagined a shade of green, as if it were an episode of some catastrophic movie under some element chemical.

Well, the same thing has happened in certain parts of South Dakota and Iowa, but also in Nebraska, Minnesota and Illinois where they found a right last Tuesday, which even turned the skies green in certain areas.

You may not know what a right is because they are not very common in our country, but they could be defined as a meteorological phenomenon under a long-lasting, straight-line wind storm, and that is associated with a set of strong storms known as mesoscale convective systems and have winds at the height of hurricanes and tornadoes.

This set of storms has caused a multitude of damage from South Dakota to Illinois with winds that could bring down entire power lines and trees, with some falling on homes and vehicles. In addition, thousands of families were left without public services or electricity.

But what came to the forefront of the news were not the harmful consequences of the law, but also that the skies turned an ominous neon green coloras phosphorescent. Meteorologists know it, but even point out that this tone is not common to see.

The main hypothesis as to why the skies gain this green hue is that it has to do with the way raindrops and hail can scatter and reflect light. It is said that these phenomena they usually pass at sunset or duskand where raindrops can scatter everything except cerulean light.

And no, it is extremely unlikely that we will see it in our country, just as we do not see hurricanes, but the truth is that it is a picture that even meteorologists continue to be surprised by.





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