New image and details of Andor, the next Star Wars series on Disney Plus

New image and details of Andor, the next Star Wars series on Disney Plus

Andor creator Tony Gilroy shares new details about the Star Wars series set to premiere on Disney Plus on August 31, 2022.

This summer it will land in Disney Plus Andor, a prequel series to the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in which Diego Luna will play Cassian Andor againone of the main people responsible for obtaining the plans for the Death Star.

To whet your appetite, the magazine Empire has exclusively shown new official image of the Andor serieswhich we leave below.


At the moment not many details are known about the andor-series. The little that is known is that its plot will take place five years before the Star Wars spin-off film, focusing on the actions that the character carried out in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

Speaking to Empire, Tony Gilroycreator of the series, explained what the structure of Andor will be like, confirming that the series will cover the history of Cassian Andor during the five years prior to the events of Rogue One.

With Andor season 2 already confirmed, Gilroy commented that season 1 will explore Andor’s first year throughout its 12 episodes, while season 2 (also 12 episodes) will span the remaining four yearsimplying that there will be no more seasons.

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“The scale of the series is so big. The directors work in blocks of three episodes, so we did four blocks [en la temporada 1] three episodes each,” stated the showrunner.

“We looked at it and said, ‘Wow, that would be really interesting if we went back and used each block to represent a year.’ We’re going to get one year closer with each block,” Gilroy said of Andor’s Season 2 structure. “From a storytelling standpoint, it’s really exciting to be able to work on something that you do on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then skip a year.”

The Andor series will premiere in the Disney Plus catalog on August 31, 2022. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best Disney Plus series that can be seen right now.

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