This is how the Netflix algorithm works to recommend series and movies to its users

This is how the Netflix algorithm works to recommend series and movies to its users

The streaming platform is one of the most reliable when it comes to recommending titles to its users.

We’ve all been through that awkward moment.or when you have finished watching a series that you were very interested in and you ask yourself the following question: now what do I watch? Although normally when you enter a streaming platform you are quite clear about what the next content you consume will be, sometimes it is also good to get carried away by the recommendations.

But how do the platforms know what you would like to see? The first thing to say is thate these recommendations are born from a complex artificial intelligence system that takes into account numerous user factors. However, our colleagues computer today have analyzed Netflix and found five key variants for the platform.


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1. Viewing history: Netflix always knows what you are watching and classifies it to be able to find another series or movie with the same characteristics that it could recommend to you. If you also want to know everything you’ve seen on the platform, you can easily download your viewing history.

2. Qualifications: Do you know why Netflix always asks you to rate the series or movie you are watching? The platform needs to know for you what you like and what you don’t, so it can recommend similar products and “hide” in its catalog those that it thinks will not fit you.

3. The titles of other users with the same tastes: Believe it or not, Netflix compares at all times what you like with what a user with a viewing profile very similar to yours likes, so you can also find new proposals or recommendations that, perhaps, you you have been overlooked.

4. Information regarding the title: Netflix not only analyzes its users but also all the titles available on its platform. In fact, it filters them thanks to different data such as the year of release, the actors, the genre or the classifications it has had. If, for example, you have never seen a movie before the 80s on Netflix, the platform will not recommend previous titles.

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5. Other information such as the time of day, the device you usually use or your location. For example, the most normal thing is that it recommends those series or movies that people who live near you have liked and, surely, if you turn on the device in the morning, it does not recommend a horror movie at first.

It must be understood that Netflix is ​​constantly expanding and constantly learningso if you want your recommender to get to know you, it is best to educate the platform little by little, for example, evaluating the titles you see.

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