DOOM in a McDonald’s kiosk or how to wait for food entertaining

DOOM in a McDonald's kiosk or how to wait for food entertaining

They’ve gotten DOOM to work in a McDonald’s kiosk. Although at this point the game can run everywhere.

You probably expected it, but DOOM can be played at a McDonald’s kiosk. How? We don’t know, but unfortunately no fries are included in the order and no refills are allowed.

It’s already a cliché to see where classic DOOM works on other than computers, but still the game id Software from 1993 it has been taken to various sites; recently to a lego block.

But the bar is very long and players are still trying to adapt the classic FPS to many places. And look where the machine with fast food place touch screen It has been the new chosen place.

The Twitter handle yosupjt arrived at one of the many restaurants and found a surprise: “Hey, who the hell installed DOOM in a McDonald’s kiosk?“.

It is clear that many would love to enter one of these places and see the Carmack and Romero masterpiece primed and ready to play on that big touch screen.

But then that would be another type of DOOM and not the one that everyone knows. Although it would also be played differently from this one, who knows.

Although the least practical part would be having to turn your head 90º to see the game well. That’s not good at all, although it could be the case if a player is smart enough.

Another situation is the one discussed in pc gamerHow is the game controlled? Perhaps with the dataphone you can use WASD and something else to play, but the improvised “mouse” is too small.

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What is clear in this matter is that put DOOM in a McDonald’s kiosk it’s something that id may not have anticipated, but has been achieved thanks to his code.

Although at xbox official account loves it like has tweeted with a logo of both and the slogan of the company.

Obviously, to the DOOM account as well since it said in this Tweet: “a genius” in reference to the question of who could have done this.

Who will be the next Chosen One to benefit from DOOM? It continues to be played in the craziest ways: Doom Eternal in a fridge, on a cell phone with a battery of potatoes.

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