Two of the “old” altercations caused by Ezra Miller resurface with the statements of one of the victims

Two of the "old" altercations caused by Ezra Miller resurface with the statements of one of the victims

Miller accumulates a long list of accusations over the past few years, which has encouraged witnesses and victims of previous events to speak out.

This 2022 is being tremendously conflictive for Ezra Miller. The protagonist of The Flash and Fantastic Animals has become news on several occasions due to various incidents.

Last April, Miller was arrested multiple times in Hawaii for causing altercations in a bar and in a private home.

Shortly after, they accused the star of having manipulated a young minor for years, which has caused great consternation in their parents.

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Recently, the last publicly recorded complaint against Miller was that he was housing a mother with her children in an environment of unattended firearms and a cannabis plantation.

To this can be added Ezra Miller’s taunts towards the justice agents who are on his trail to deliver court summonses.

This notoriety of Miller has led to witnesses and victims of previous events (some acquaintances) to break their silence in a lengthy article from Variety.

Charles Reynirwho was a barman in a pub in Reykjavik in 2020, he recalled two altercations involving Miller: the first was a “fight between friends” in which almost strangled another pub patron. Reynir says that he did not give importance to it because that type of situation “occurs twice a weekend”.

The second altercation, however, was not so easy to ignore. It is possible that many of you remember the video of Miller grabbing a woman by the neck and throwing her to the ground. The brawl began after an exchange of bravado after the woman’s interest in the wounds on Miller’s feet, which he was wearing sandals and said “were scars from fights.”

Another incident took place in Berlin, at the home of an actress whom the article cites only as “Nadia”. She and Miller had previously had a consensual sexual relationship, but the actor began to show signs of mood swings.

No one asked him to leave home when he started smoking, but Miller resisted and began to vent his (verbal) anger on her., calling her transphobic and Nazi. Finally, she got him to leave after calling the police.

Nadia says that she was not afraid of being sexually assaulted, but she was afraid that he would physically attack her that night. The woman says that after seeing Miller’s incidents in Hawaii, she understood that hers was not an isolated case.

These incidents (and some more) are further developed in the aforementioned Variety article, with various statements about Ezra Miller’s behavior.

Finally, Miller’s actions seem to be paying off, and Warner Bros. begins to disassociate itself from the star as far as the DC Extended Universe is concerned.

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