Max Verstappen promises Netflix that he will return to F1 Drive to Survive, but only on his conditions

Max Verstappen promises Netflix that he will return to F1 Drive to Survive, but only on his conditions

The Formula 1 champion could return to Drive to Survive (the famous Netflix series), but only if the reality around his figure is respected.

F1 Drive to Survive is one of the most successful Netflix series, a product of the boom in popularity that motor racing is undergoing. Of course, F1 fans (we remind you that the F1 2022 game is already available) do not hide their disappointment at a notorious absence…

It is none other than Max Verstappen, reigning Formula 1 champion. It is strange that one of the most skilled pilots in the history of the competition is not in the Netflix series, but everything has an explanation.

To give it more drama and plot touch, F1 Drive to Survive takes some licenses that distort the reality of the events. Verstappen did not like this one hair.


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It is the reason why the Dutch Red Bull driver left the Netflix show. Fortunately, it seems that his return is closer than ever judging by recent statements.

In an interview with The RaceMax Verstappen has spoken about his possible return to F1 Drive to Survive and the reasons that led him to leave the series. All is not lost, friends.

The champion claims I would be willing to return to Drive to Survive… but only if a series of conditions are met. Rather, only if they remove certain dramatic touches that do not fit reality, according to Verstappen.

I sat down with them and explained how I thought about it, what went wrong in the past. It was a very good and quick talk. We will try to improve from there’‘.

Max Verstappen

It seems that the negotiations between Verstappen and Netflix are not going bad. The producers of the series understood what was bothering Max, and it is very possible that they will change many things for the future of Drive to Survive.

Verstappen assures that his requests are not a mere whim. The Dutch driver wants Drive to Survive to fit reality, and not to fictitious rivalries make the show more entertaining.

You have a little more say in how you’re going to be portrayed as opposed to giving an interview and not knowing what’s going to be done with it and the way it’s going to be put on the show, and that’s all I want. asking, to be more realistic, at least on my part‘.

F1 Drive to Survive has helped raise the popularity of the competition in the United States. Verstappen is aware of this, but he will not allow his figure or the facts to be altered for a matter of money.

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It’s pretty simple, I’m in or not, like it or not, they want me in it, but Must be on my terms otherwise it doesn’t make sense to me”.

Will Max Verstappen return to F1 Drive to Survive? At the moment we cannot be sure, although everything indicates that Netflix will not let the reigning Formula 1 champion escape, since his popularity and legacy are fundamental ingredients for the television series.

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