Cuphead The Delicious Last Course: How To Solve The Tombstone Puzzle And What You Need To Do It

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course: How To Solve The Tombstone Puzzle And What You Need To Do It

How to solve the puzzle of the tombstones in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course, one of the most confusing puzzles on the island of the new Cuphead DLC.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Coursethe expected DLC of the famous run & gun game cartoon-like (from a century ago) has finally come out after a long wait. And after playing it thoroughly, the wait has been so worth it!

Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course adds one new playable character and five new bosses. It’s a short DLC (also very cheap), but the new Island has more secrets and activities than the new bosses, including puzzles in its world.

One of the most confusing is the tombstone puzzle. Here we give you the solution of this Cuphead The Delicious Last Course puzzle.



Cuphead The Delicious Last Course: How To Solve The Tombstone Puzzle And What You Need To Do It

The Cuphead Island Graveyard DLC (that’s the abbreviation of the title, did you notice?) includes a secret boss and a reward… surprising. Mind you, you need to progress through the DLC before reaching the graveyard. Beat the normal bosses before going for the secret!

When you have access to the cemetery, in order to open the boss you need to solve a somewhat confusing puzzle with the tombstones, especially since part of the charm of the puzzle has been “lost in translation”.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

First, you must buy the Broken Relic by 1 gold coin in the shop. You must equip it to be able to interact with the tombstones of the ghosts.

The goal is to interact with three tombstones in a certain order to bring out the secret boss. However, the order is not fixed, and is random in each game. What does it depend on? Of what the characters say on the podium next to the shop.

Cuphead Delicious Last CourseCuphead Delicious Last Course

The order the characters are in is always the same, but their lines of dialogue vary. And in those text boxes there are clues about the order of the tombstones.

In my game, I found this (you must talk to them according to the order of the podiumfirst with the winner, then with the second and finally with the third).

  1. This victory was only within reach of a full-fledged citizen! LAW and good morals UPlike me!
  2. I finished in second position, but I would say that I have EVERYTHING RIGHT
  3. I had my colleagues cheering me on LEFTbut I finished in third place, you can’t fall any further BASS.

Surely, in your game you will find different things, but notice when they say Right, Left, All Right, Up… This indicates the position of the tombstone: all the way left, all right, all the way down… .

Cuphead the delicious last courseCuphead the delicious last course

In my case, the tombstones were:

  1. The one on the top right
  2. The one in the middle row on the right
  3. The bottom left

Remember, the order is that of the podium: first with the winner, then with the silver and then the bronze. In your game, the order is different, so keep an eye on the character clues on the podium!

If you do it right, the tombstones light up and a column of light comes out in the center, which you can interact with to fight the secret boss, which we didn’t reveal. That yes, if you defeat it you will get a relic… but it is almost a “trolling”, because it is a cursed relic that makes you think with 1 hit of life and the weapons are changed in the level.

How to get to the cemetery sooner

We have said before that the logical path to reach the graveyard is cut off at the beginning of the DLC. But there is a secret way: get in between the trees behind the shop and you will come to a secret path: keep left, then down, as if you were going under the river, until you reach the cemetery

Here we leave you with the analysis of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. Also, we have other guides of the original Cuphead: how to fight with the new bosses of version 1.2, how to get all the weapons, how to get the secret coins and how to unlock the secret game mode.





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