Stranger Things fans are worried about the future of Steve Harrington in the season 4 finale

Stranger Things fans are worried about the future of Steve Harrington in the season 4 finale

The recent statements by the Duffer brothers and the publicity campaign for Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 leave fans a little worried about the future of Steve Harrington.

Tomorrow it will land in the catalog of Netflix the second part of Stranger Things 4, which will bring the two episodes that will close this new season of the duffer brothers series.

One of the biggest concerns of fans of the Stranger Things series is related to Steve HarringtonJoe Kerryone of the most beloved characters whose days could be numbered.

At the end of Volume 1 we saw how Steve is badly injured by the “demobat” attack. Although it seemed that he was going to get out of the Upside Down World alive, things get complicated at the last moment when Vecna ​​catches Nancy, which will make Steve and company return to his aid, leaving his future somewhat uncertain. .

The thing does not help with the promo of the season finale of Stranger Things, where a sign is shown that reads “Protect Steve”, which has set off the alarms of fans concerned that Steve may die in Stranger Things season 4 part 2.

To this we must add that the Duffer brothers originally intended to kill Steve at the end of season 1, so it is possible that now is the moment in which they give closure to the character. And we know that some character will not come out of this, because the actor who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things anticipated “some deaths” for volume 2 of season 4.

In view of the dark future that poor Steve seems to have, in a recent interview for Variety Duffer Brothers Asked What Will Happen To Steve At The End Of Stranger Things Season 4.

Asked how deadly a demobat bite can be, Matt Duffer said he didn’t care “about the bat thing,” commenting that such an attack isn’t particularly relevant to the plot. “It was just me obsessed with bats at the time I wrote that anyway,” he added.

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“So is he going to die some other way?” the interviewer asked, to which Matt replied, “if he’s going to die, it won’t be from the bat bite“.

Although the Duffer brothers do not confirm Steve’s death, they do not deny it either, and Seeing how things are preparing for the end of Stranger Things 4, it would be best to put on the worst and prepare a box of tissues to mourn Steve Harrington when his time comes.. Tomorrow we will leave doubts!

Do you think Steve will die in the final part of Stranger Things 4? For our part, we recommend here some of the best Netflix miniseries to watch in a weekend in case the character is killed in the end and you have to distract yourself with something else to have a bad time.

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