WhatsApp works on a new function for images that will cause a sensation

WhatsApp works on a new function for images that will cause a sensation

You will no longer need a third-party tool thanks to this new feature that will start to include WhatsApp for desktop in the coming weeks.

One of the features that we most often use on WhatsApp, especially when it comes to sharing images with our contacts, are those tools that allow us, for example, to crop, brighten or even blur a photograph, the last to try to cover up some kind of image. of element that we do not want the recipient to see.

And until now users who used WhatsApp for desktop have been using third-party tools to blur some of the elements of the photos shared by WhatsApp, but luckily the application is about to release that desired button that you are going to have inside the photo editor. media.

And it is that at the moment the latest beta version for desktop WhatsApp is including a button within the media editor that is basically the vaunted blur tool and it’s now available on mobile devices.


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This blurring tool for desktop WhatsApp works exactly the same as the one we see in the mobile application and it’s great, especially if we use this application for work.

As you can see in the screenshot provided by wabetainfowe have this new blur tool option next to the crop option and using it will allow us to quickly blur a part of the image, and finally without using a third party tool.

WhatsApp works on a new function for images that will cause a sensation

It is one of those features that the user community will surely start to use a lot, especially for those who use WhatsApp for work, since it will allow us to save a step since it would no longer be necessary to resort to a third-party tool.

Although the WhatsApp media editor is quite simple compared to other programs, the truth is that if we want to make small adjustments to our images, we can do it now within the application without having to leave it to return later, something that can save us a few precious minutes.

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