Nintendo registers the 'NSW' trademark and speculation is unleashed: a New Switch?

Nintendo registers the ‘NSW’ trademark and speculation is unleashed: a New Switch?

While the rumors about a new Nintendo Switch or a Switch Pro sound again, Nintendo perplexes us by registering the “NSW” brand in Europe, an acronym that can be interpreted in various ways…

The buzz about the Nintendo Switch 2 (by now, a successor to the Nintendo Switch seems more likely than a “Switch Pro” model, though nothing is ruled out) has returned after Nintendo reported an extraordinary increase in spending on materials last year. fiscal.

In parallel, it has been discovered that Nintendo has registered a peculiar trademark in Europe: NSW.

At the European Intellectual Property Agency (EUIPO) this record has a registration date of June 29, 2022 by Nintendo Co. Ltd, as discovered by user yoonshik from Resetera.

NSW Nintendo Trademark

Theories behind “Nintendo NSW”

That Nintendo wants to protect the “NSW” trademark can be interpreted in many ways. The acronym “NSW” has been widely used as a diminutive of Nintendo Switchbut never by Nintendo.

Neither “NSW”, nor “NS”, nor “Switch” to dry: Nintendo has never officially referred to its console in any other way than its complete official nomenclature: Switch. EITHER nintendo switch liteeither Nintendo Switch – OLED model.

Nintendo is very careful about the official nomenclature of its products (for example, it’s “amiibo”, not “amiibos” or “Amiibo”), so registering this “NSW” as a synonym for “Nintendo Switch” doesn’t seem like much. logic.

Two options are open: Nintendo has seen that people continue to refer to their console as “NSW”, so they also want to protect that nomenclature, if only for prevent someone else from putting out a product called “NSW” that can confuse consumers.

That’s a more than likely explanation, although another theory is that “NSW” is, in the future, the name or acronym of a future Nintendo product. “New Switch”?

That Nintendo is working on new Nintendo Switch hardware it’s a sure thing (and has been working on it for years, something we know thanks to NVIDIA leaks).

Another thing is when they are going to launch it, and in what form, if as a “Switch Pro” or, what seems to be happening, the manufacturing and marketing costs are reserved for a more propitious moment, since the old Switch is still having bellows.

The name that the successor of Switch has (on the basis that it is a very similar console, with the same portable-desktop hybrid character) is a fun topic of discussion among fans: Super Switch, Super Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro, New Nintendo Switchare some of the names that are launched.





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