Niantic is going through a rough patch: Pokémon GO creators cancel 4 games and lay off 90 employees

Niantic is going through a rough patch: Pokémon GO creators cancel 4 games and lay off 90 employees

Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO, have canceled 4 games and are laying off 8% of their employees, about 90 people, to cut costs after several failed games, such as Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Pokémon GOwhich became a media phenomenon when it came out in the summer of 2016 (it was in all the newspapers) is still, six years later, the mainstay of the Niantic company.

It is not surprising that they continue to offer so many events and content for their flagship game, because none of his subsequent games have achieved reach the figures of the Pokémon game, not even having the Harry Potter license (Wizards Unite has already been discontinued).

A new report by Jason Schreier in Bloomberg reveals that four projects have been canceled and between 85 and 90 people will lose their jobs in a losing streak for Niantic.


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The four canceled games are Heavy Metal, a Transformers game that was announced last year; a collaboration with the theater company on New York’s Sleep No More live experience; and two projects codenamed Blue Sky and Snowball.

The cancellation of the games occurs together with a reduction of 8% of its productive force, which will mean the dismissal of some 90 people. “We are grateful for your contribution and will support you through this difficult transition.said a Bloomberg representative.

In an internal email signed by Niantic CEO John Hawke, he describes the need to reduce costs in several areas to streamline its operations and better position the company to weather downturns.

Pokémon GO will be your priority. For now, Pikmin Bloom will continue to receive content. They have also recently announced a game with the NBA, NBA All-World, along with other unannounced games.

Niantic, founded in San Francisco in 2010 as Niantic Labs, as a Google startup, had huge success with its groundbreaking augmented reality game Incomewhich was later the basis of Pokémon GO: players had to take their mobiles and play on the street using GPS.

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