Cory Barlog asks for patience on the release date of God of War Ragnarok: “It will be announced as soon as possible”

Cory Barlog, director of God of War, affirms that the delay in its sequel has been his, since a developer has suffered harassment

The date of God of War Ragnarok will be announced “at the soonest possible moment”, and Cory Barlog calms impatient fans who ask for the date of the PS5 and PS4 game, with a tweet that sounds a bit like an anticipated apology. Maybe it won’t be announced this week?

The god of war ragnarok release date It remains a mystery, although this week is the only thing many fans of Kratos and his adventures on PlayStation think about, after the rumors that it was going to be announced on June 30 (that is, tomorrow Thursday).

Some dreamed of a State of Play on Thursday (something that should have been announced already) and are beginning to be anxious: there is no official playstation tweet without being filled with answers asking (or demanding) new information about God of War Ragnarok.

This kind of tweets also reach Cory Barlog, award-winning director of 2018’s God of War (and producer on its sequel on PS5 and PS4), and he’s understandably tired. So he has put this:

Dear ones, if it were up to me, I would share all the information as soon as I know. But it’s not up to me, so please be patient.”

I promise you that things will be shared at the earliest possible time. We make games for you. We can make games for you“. Signature with a little heart and a gif of Grogu, a pod of I love to calm down.


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Apology in advance for no God of War Ragnarok news this week?

The tweet seems like a sincere vent to people who don’t leave the subject alone. But also has a certain air of anticipatory apology, in the possible event that we have to wait longer than people think. What if tomorrow passes and the date of God of War Ragnarok is not announced?

It all stems from Jason Schreier, who said a few weeks ago that Sony would announce the date for God of War Ragnarok at the end of the month (he never said there would be a State of Play). The Bloomberg journalist maintains that position.

Although the new prophet is now The Snitch, insider_wtf, who last week dropped that the date would be announced on June 30. But it is also true that we are basing ourselves on a gif of Kratos with the number “30” in binary (11110).

Also, the situation reminds of the same dates last year with Horizon 2: Horizon Forbidden West was supposed to come out in 2021, but Sony postponed the announcement of the date to the maximum until they were not 100% sure that there was no other option but to delay it the following yearalthough it was very few months.

If it’s any consolation, according to Schreier God of War Ragnarok is coming out in November 2022, ruling out rumors of a delay.

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