Google Hangouts will disappear next November

Hangouts cambia a Google Chat

While the huge popularity of Gmail’s built-in chat prompted Google to create a separate tool and app, it seems that Hangouts is no longer at its best. And it is that applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack, have gradually been gaining a greater role in both personal and work scenes.

That is why Google decided last February to cancel the part of Hangouts intended for Workspace users, and now begin a migration process to what will be its new free messaging service, Google Chat. As detailed by the company in the announcement published on its official blogthose users who are using the Hangouts mobile app they’ll see a prompt asking them to switch to the new app.

However, Hangouts still it can continue to be used in the desktop application until next Novemberhaving assured Google that it will begin to warn users “at least a month” in advance to begin their migration to the new application, marking the end of this year as the maximum date in which Hangouts will become part of its well-known app graveyard.

So regardless of the platform, all our Hangouts conversations will automatically transfer to the new app. However, from Google they also offer us the option of using the Takeout service to download a copy of our data before the application is officially suspended in November, which we can use as a backup to manually upload to the new platform.

Different from its now defunct tool GChat (also known as Google Talk), the new Google Chat will offer some added featuresincluding the ability to make direct calls, create online threads in Spaces (the rebranding of Rooms), as well as share and view multiple images.

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