Tom Hanks explains why he decided to leave Twitter after a decade on the social network

Tom Hanks explains why he decided to leave Twitter after a decade on the social network

The actor has not closed the account on the social network, but has not written anything since May 2020.

That Twitter is a social network in which brotherly love and empathy are often conspicuous by its absence is clear, especially if the person tweeting is some kind of public figure. Many have been the celebrities who have discovered it over the years and, while some decide to close their accounts permanently, others simply abandon it.

The latter has been the option that actor Tom Hanks decided to take in his day who, despite keeping his account open with more than 16 million followers, He hasn’t tweeted anything since May 2020. Asked about this abandonment during an interview with New York TimesHanks gives two main reasons for making this decision.


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“I stopped tweeting for two reasons, the first was an exercise completely devoid of meaning. I already have enough attention on myself to want more. And second, because every time I put something stupid like “look, a pair of shoes I found on the street”, the third comment was always something like “[insulto]Hanks.”

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue playing tricks on these types of people. And as it was very usual that the third comment to what he wrote was always something like “[insulto] Obama-loving communist “I realized I didn’t need any of this,” explains the actor who, however, was very active on his Twitter profile before deciding to leave it.

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Tom Hanks Tom Hanks

In fact, before not writing anything on the social network again, Hanks used it to inform all his followers of his state of health, as well as that of his wife Rita Wilson, when both were infected with Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. Although he stopped tweeting in 2020, Hanks has been on Twitter for more than a decade, having joined in June 2009.

Hanks is currently in the midst of promoting Elvis, his latest film with director Baz Luhrman, in which he plays one of the first villainous roles of his entire career.





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