Bernie Stolar dies, another video game legend who founded Sony Computer America and was president of Sega of America after Tom Kalinske

Bernie Stolar dies, another video game legend who founded Sony Computer America and was president of Sega of America after Tom Kalinske

Bernie Stolar, legend in the video game industry as founder of Sony Computer America and former president of Sega of America, has died at the age of 75. His friends have reported and thereby remembered his figure.

A death is never pleasant, it is still a way to honor their memory. whoever was founder of Sony Computer America and former president of Sega of America Bernie Stolar has left this world.

Stolar became famous, as they say from VentureBeat since it helped the development and launch of Sega Dreamcast. One of those executives you’re glad to have in the industry.

But before that, Stolar was the first executive vice president and founder of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Many of the powerful early releases on the original PlayStation were fueled by it.


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At Sony, he sealed franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Ridge Racer, Oddworld InhabitantsSpyro The Dragon and Battle Arena Toshinden.

I loved working for SonyStolar said in an interview with VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi.Really yes. But when the opportunity came to go to Sega and help rebuild the business and some new hardware, I was very interested in doing it.

Though I wouldn’t have left Sony if I hadn’t lived in fear of being fired along with everyone else.“. These words are from 2015, in an interview he gave to the media.

It was 1994 when I did it, yes. Unfortunately Steve (Race) was fired by Jeff Sagansky who ran Sony Computer Entertainment America after others were fired.

That changed the whole complex of the company because Mr. Maruyama was the main board member of PlayStation in Japan and he came to restructure the whole company. Everybody there was doing a job for hire“.

To which he added: “What happened then was that I got worried. Everyone was getting fired. I felt like I was the only one left. I was offered to be president of Sega of America after the departure of Tom Kalinske“.

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And there he wasted no time: “When I got to Sega they told me ‘we have to kill Saturn. Stop it and start a new technology’. And that is what I did. I centered a new team of people and cleaned house.

There were 300 employees and I reduced the company to 90 to start“, He said. Stolar led the development and release of the Dreamcast. One of his main moves then was to buy Visual Concepts for Sega of America and create 2k sports.

The Sega Dreamcast did well in America, but globally lost out to Playstation 2. “I took the job at Sega through conversations with Hayao Nakayama, who was then president of the company.Stolar said.

[…] Unfortunately Nakayama was removed from the company by Mr. Okawa at the end of 1999 and later fired. Later I argued with Japan and they also fired me“.

In 1999 he joined Mattel and was successful selling Barbie video games during Jill Barad’s tenure as CEO of Mattel.

In late 2005 he was a consultant and director at Adscape Media, later selling the company to Google for $23 million. He then became an evangelist for games at Google and hoped they would get into the business.

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Google wasn’t interested in games then. He went to their CEO Eric Schmidt and said ‘why don’t we put advertising on these games and give them away for free? His response was: ‘We’re not in the video game business.’

To which I said ‘We’re not, we don’t develop games. We make deals with publishers and stream them through our network.’ But I wasn’t going to, that was the moment I knew I should leave the company.“.

After this, Stolar started with startups like GetFugu, Zoom, the Jordan Freeman Group and CogniToys; in the latter she was already 68 years old.

Today at 8:00 p.m. Spanish time, a funeral will be held in his memory at the Los Angeles Home of Peace.





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