A Japanese city starts a crowdfunding to preserve the forest that inspired My Neighbor Totoro

A Japanese city starts a crowdfunding to preserve the forest that inspired My Neighbor Totoro

Hayao Miyazaki wandered through that forest to find inspiration for his 1988 animated classic.

Hayao Miyazaki’s deep love for nature is felt in each of the films he has made for Studio Ghibli. A love that has taken as inspiration real landscapes of his native Japan which could now become a place of pilgrimage for fans of the animation genius.

Or at least this is what the inhabitants of the city of Torozawa, located just 30 kilometers from Tokyo, are trying to achieve. have started a crowdfunding to conserve the 3.6-hectare forest in which Miyazaki found inspiration for his animated classic My Neighbor Totoro.


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The goal is to raise some 18 million euros to be able to turn the forest of more than 7,000 oaks into a nature reserve area that both the neighbors and the visitors of the “Forest of Totoro” can enjoy. “This area is one of the places where Miyazaki was inspired to create Totoro after a long walk,” says a local newspaper.

Of course, Studio Ghibli has also joined this wonderful initiative and all those participating in the collection who donate 25,000 yen (about 175 euros) will receive Totoro prints where you can see the forest.

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At the moment, this gift is only intended for the first 1,000 Japanese who donate that amount, but sinceand the city council promise that they will soon do everything possible so that the campaign reaches other parts of the world in which there are people who also want to participate.

In fact, the fundraising goal is only used to buy a small part of the impressive forest, but the authorities hope that the campaign will encourage many other nature lovers to help buy and preserve this unique place in Japan that gave rise to the creation of the unforgettable My Neighbor Totoro.





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