Square Enix wants to make “NFT with history” in its medium-term plans

Square Enix wants to make "NFT with history" in its medium-term plans

Square Enix is ​​planning to do “NFT with story” as part of its mid-term strategy, though it’s still early days to make a blockchain-powered Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

Square Enix is ​​one of the video game companies that most insist on using NFTs and blockchain technology as part of video games, under the presidency of Yosuke Matsuda. This week they published a report for their shareholders at the annual meeting, and in it they again underlined their interest in crypto.

Specifically, they said they were interested in the development of “blockchain games and entertainment”, and as strange as it sounds, the creation of “Story-centric” NFTsas part of your medium term strategy.

Story games that include NFTs? Non-fungible tokens that are part of a narrative, like pieces of a larger story? For now, I prefer to leave it to others to think about the “exciting applications” of NFTs.


What are NFTs and why is there such a fuss about them? Are they really the future?

Although Square Enix is ​​one of the few video game companies working on games with NFT (at least they have publicly acknowledged it), especially after the crash that many cryptocurrencies are experiencing (and its consequences for miners), they don’t want to go crazy.

Yosuke Matsuda himself, president of Square Enix, said that “It’s still a bit early to consider making blockbuster Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games, and we’re not in a position to consider them yet..”

For now, the core deliveries of its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest sagas will continue to be “traditional”, while the company finances these new “enephetero” projects.

Perhaps they want to let others be the first to tread this unknown terrain. Today we learned that two PlayStation veterans, including the co-creator of Days Gone, have founded a studio, Liithos, that will make “the first true Web3 AAA game” based on the blockchain.

Recently, the mobile game Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds It has been heavily criticized for basing its entire economy on tokens that you can exchange for Netmarble cryptos.

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