PS Plus prepaid cards will soon disappear from stores

PS Plus prepaid cards will soon disappear from stores

Sony confirms that it will stop selling PlayStation Plus prepaid cards in stores, although it is not yet known when. PS Store cards will remain.

The future of Sony subscriptions has already been unleashed. Since yesterday the new PlayStation Plus is available in Europe, which basically reorganize the existing model and add two new tiersPS Plus Extra and PS Plus Deluxe.

Thus, the old PS Plus becomes Essential, which brings together the features of this (including free games month by month) on PS5 and PS4. The other tiers focus on a wide range of games from PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3 and current Sony consoles.

This has confirmed Goodbye to PS Plus prepaid cards, as has been rumoured. Do you remember when you renewed your subscription buying these items?


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Years ago the digital format was not so established, and it was not uncommon to see these PS Plus cards on store shelves. Even, today they were still seen in tobacconists and kiosks.

Everything has an end, and now the PlayStation Plus prepaid cards have arrived. Sony Germany (via GamePro) has confirmed that will stop selling these items in the future.

In fact, at the end of April these cards (which include a code on the back) temporarily stopped working. The reason is that they created confusion when it came to renewing the service before the arrival of the new PS Plus tiers.

There are three variations of these cards, depending on the subscription period they meet (three months, six months and twelve months)and each one with its corresponding price.

PS Plus Premium

In this way, on a date yet to be determined all units of these PS Plus cards will be withdrawn from stores. In recent days, attempts are being made to lighten the stock available in the warehouses.

If you want to renew your subscription to PS Plus, you can only do it through a digital method, either through PayPal or with your credit card.

Important: the fact that these PS Plus cards are no longer sold does NOT mean that they are useless. If you find or keep one (unredeemed) at home, you can use it with your PSN account.

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PS Plus PremiumPS Plus Premium

Sony has confirmed that they will continue to sell prepaid PS Store cards. These work just like PS Plus cards, except you pay the amount which is then credited to your PSN wallet via code.

Goodbye to PS Plus prepaid cards, goodbye to a semi-digital era. It is the law of life and also a logical decision (even more so with the new service tiers). From now on, PlayStation Plus faces a new era that will reconsolidate Sony in the subscription market.





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