NZXT helps you set up the PC you need to enjoy your favorite games

Setting up a PC for gaming is complicated, especially if we have a tight budget and want to fine-tune our choice. NZXT knows this, and that is why it has launched a new integrated tool in your online store it will help us to configure the equipment that best suits not only our budget, but also our goals, that is, those games that will be the most important to us.

To do this, we can choose between numerous components and see the estimated performance that we would obtain in different games. If the result does not meet our expectations, nothing happens, we can change the components until we find the configuration we want. When this happens, we can place an order directly with NZXT and that’s it, we won’t have to worry about anything else, since your team of professionals will take care of the assembly process.

I know what you are thinking, and I will not run the risk of incurring possible incompatibilities? Well no, because in each configuration only compatible components will be shown, although if you have any questions you can always contact the NZXT technical service directly. I’ve had a look at the tool, and it’s really well thought out, simple and intuitive, and can help any inexperienced person set up a powerful, compatibility-free PC in a matter of minutes.

NZXT and its commitment to performance

This is a very important detail, and for this reason I wanted to leave a gap at the end of the article. NZXT states that:

“All components in our inventory are rigorously tested to ensure they are the best there is. If we don’t find a component that meets our standards, we build it ourselves. This is the case with the award-winning Kraken all-in-one liquid cooling or our H-Series cases.”

On the other hand, the company also makes a very clear commitment with consumers who choose to build a PC through their shop, both in terms of build quality and setup performance:

  • They only use quality components.
  • The assembly is carried out by specialized technicians, professionally and with optimal wiring management.
  • Shipments are made with the utmost care.
  • It offers an all-in-one comprehensive guarantee.
  • If the assembled PC does not perform at the level predicted in the estimates (10% margin of error) we can return it free of charge.

As I said, for users with little experience, or who do not want to complicate configuring and assembling a PC, it is One option to considerespecially for those performance estimates in different games that we can consult directly during the configuration.





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