Google will help fund Wikipedia

Google ayudará a financiar la Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia on the planet (it also has an off-line version) and the most popular reference work on the internet placing itself in the top-20 of the web pages with the highest worldwide traffic. Completely free and without advertising, its maintenance costs a lot of money that comes mainly from donations from users and companies.

now comes another major source of funding for Wikipedia. And it is that Google has signed a formal agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind the online encyclopedia, for the will pay for Wikipedia content that you display in your “Knowledge Panel” and in search results.

Remember, Google was the first paying customer for Wikimedia Enterprise, the Wikimedia Foundation’s commercial venture that launched last year. In addition, like other companies, it has been giving money to Wikipedia, but they have been in the form of donations and grants. Although the terms have not been disclosed, such a contract goes much further and will help keep the encyclopedia as we know it until now.

Free, open and built collaboratively, if Wikipedia didn’t exist it would have to be invented, because despite some criticism, its tens of millions of articles in 300 languages ​​are a good starting point to learn about or start researching any issue.

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