Google Chrome rellenará las contraseñas de las apps en iOS

Google Chrome will fill in app passwords on iOS

It’s not a secret that Google has been promoting the use of the password manager of your browser for some time, Google Chrome. And it is that yes, in its beginnings it could not be considered as such, since its functions were quite limited, let us remember that, for example, the function to modify passwords did not debut until a little less than two years ago. At first it only saved the credentials of the sites we accessed if we allowed it, and that’s it. Practical, due to multi-device support, but limited.

As I say, however, for some time now Google has realized the enormous potential of this function and, consequently, its functions have been growing, and it is understandable that the return obtained by the search engine company has also grown , which explains why Chrome’s password manager is about to take a very important leap in iOS. And, as a user of both (Google Chrome password manager and an iPhone with iOS), it seems to me a very successful jump.

Until now, the scope of Google Chrome’s password manager on iOS was limited to the browser itself, so if you wanted to use a credential saved in it in another app, you had to access the manager, copy it and take it to its destination. However, this is about to change, asThe latest version of Google Chrome for iOS (M104) will offer the possibility to configure Chrome as the provider for the autocomplete function.

This feature has been available on Android for a while now., but given the security limitations of the iOS ecosystem, its implementation in the Apple operating system must have been more complex. However, and for those users who trust the Google service, we are talking about a wait that will have been worth it, because combined with the security provided by Face ID, which I understand will be essential to use saved credentials, it offers a tremendously comfortable and practical.

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