DC confirms that a great Superman villain is part of the Arrowverse

DC confirms that a great Superman villain is part of the Arrowverse

A DC comic related to the Arrowverse has confirmed the existence of one of the greatest villains in Superman history.

Earth-Primea recently published comic by DC, has brought together many of the characters that are part of the Arrowverse. This television universe has been growing and evolving for years, telling superhero stories and giving us characters of all kinds. The last great addition of his was that of superman and lois.

In this series, they have already confirmed great characters like Parasite and Bizarro. On the other hand, the series super girlThroughout his run, he expanded his mythology and his rogues gallery with some enemies borrowed from his cousin Kal-El. However, what we did not know until today was the existence of this villain in the arrowverse.

The sixth number of Earth-Primedeveloped by Jeff Hersh, Thomas Pound, Will Robson, Alex Sinclair and Tom Napolitano, has confirmed another great superman villain within the fictional universe called the Arrowverse. This is Brainiac himself, one of the most incredible and unforgettable nemesis of the story of the man of tomorrow.

Brainiac’s presence in the Arrowverse has been revealed when Bart and Nora Allen try to recruit different heroes in their fight against Magog and his group of supervillains. The two young men end up traveling to Smallville to recruit the Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. Clark refuses to help them. He believes that Bart and Nora are enough on their own to take down Magog.

Superman on Earth-Prime

It’s during that conversation of military battles that Bart Allen confirms that Clark Kent “beat Brainiac when he was just a teenager.” Taking into account that this is canon, it is confirmed that it existed a version of Brainiac in the Arrowverse.

The “no” connection between Superman and Lois and the rest of the Arrowverse

Many viewers of superman and lois You may be wondering how all this fits in with the arrowverse timeline. Some fans have been speculating for months about whether or not the show exists on a different Earth than everyone else, especially after what happened in the crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

superman and lois It has hardly any narrative connections to any of the other Arrowverse projects. Yes, it seems to be part of the same universe because we have been told that it does. But, beyond that, what intertextuality does it offer? What links exist between this series and the rest of the DC television universe?

“I think everyone is wondering why we don’t mention Supergirl, The Flash or any other hero,” admitted the showrunner of superman and lois Recently. “I’ll just say that at the end of season two you’ll get the answers to those questions.”

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