Days Gone Creator Announces Ashfall, Blockchain-Based “First Authentic AAA Web3 Game”

Days Gone Creator Announces Ashfall, Blockchain-Based "First Authentic AAA Web3 Game"

Days Gone co-creator John Garvin meets with another PlayStation veteran to announce Ashfall, the first “true Web3 game.” Liithos is a new studio that seeks to “revolutionize the way media, technology, and blockchain can come together and work together in harmony.”

The Web3 He inevitably enters the world of AAA video games, at the hands of two PlayStation veterans, including the creator of Days Gone.

John Garvin (formerly Creative Director of Bend Studio) and Michael Mumbauer (formerly head of PlayStation Visual Arts) found Liithos, the “first true AAA Web 3.0 game“.

Liithos is a new game development studio founded in collaboration with HederaA network of decentralized economy (blockchain, come on), who is proud to be “pioneers in bring gaming into the Web3 era, which will deliver richer and more rewarding experiences for users“.

Ashfall, the first Web3 game for PC and consoles that is born from the blockhain

Mumbauer is the CEO of Liithos and Garvin will be the writer and director of his first game, Ashfallwhich they define as an individual experience that will evolve into a multiplayer PvP and PvE in which “discovery and exclusivity are the pillars for an experience of creating, selling and exchanging“.

Mumbauer describes Ashfall and the possibilities of Web3, also called Web 3.0, as a unified entertainment ecosystem that will connect you”in ways we could only dream of before“, and that puts part of the focus on the creativity of the player with user generated content.


Web 3 will unlock the power to transform the way we engage with entertainment. Imagine reading your favorite comic or the latest season of a series, but everything is based on the same world. What’s more, by watching the series, you get something that adds value to your gaming experience. It’s possible?“Mumbauer asks in the Liithos website.

Yes! I see the blockchain as a series of highways connecting a variety of entertainment destinationsand the most important thing for us, they all go back to the main station, which is the video game“.

The following video will help you understand what Web 3 is (or could become).



technology is new and its applications are quite unknown (and cause suspicion) among the public, but what does Ashfall offer us? It will be a post apocalyptic survival action game set on the West Coast of North America (we see Seattle in one of his images).

The world is half destroyed by climate change, a series of volcanic eruptions and floods, and “dark energy” zones that have decimated the population, which lives in a few enclaves.

In fact, the narrative will begin with a digital comic written by John Garvin and illustrated by various comic artists, including Brett Booth, author of the cover art.

A familiar premise for Garvin, Days Gone co-creator who along with his partner Jeff Ross left Sony and Bend Studio unhappy with their relationship with Sony, which canceled a sequel.

But familiar too Mumbaiwho at PlayStation Visual Arts worked very closely with Naughty Dog on the creation of The Last of Us and Uncharted, as well as Garvin himself – the two have worked together before.

Mumbauer also founded and was briefly CEO of the independent studio That’s No Moon, but it appears he’s been there less than a year.

Pars Garvin, Liithos is an opportunity to create a truly next-gen open-world experience, using new technologies to enable user-generated content (so-called UGC, user generated content).

As always, our goal is to create characters that are loved, stories that captivate, and evolving gameplay in a world worth visiting, not just in games, but in other media.Garvin says.

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