Call of Duty Warzone has a new easter egg… if you press ‘F’ to pay your respects

Call of Duty Warzone has a new easter egg... if you press 'F' to pay your respects

Call of Duty Warzone’s new map, Fortune’s Keep, has a wink that you’ll only see if you press ‘F’ to pay your respects. Look for the graveyard on the island!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, the 2014 installment, is not the most popular of the saga despite its setting in a “plausible” near future and having in its campaign mode to… um… Kevin Spacey.

However, something that has lasted from the game, becoming one of the most popular memes of recent video games (and already part of the vocabulary of millions of gamers, even if they do not know its origin) is the use of ‘F’ as equivalent to a sign of mourning.


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One of the scenes of the game’s campaign takes place in a cemetery, burying our companion and friend who fell in combat. The part where the game literally asked us to “Press ‘F’ to show our respects“was the subject of controversy and ridicule by fans.

Over time, the expression has been adopted by the Internet… and today Activision pays tribute to it with this small but fun wink that you can find in Call of Duty Warzone and its new map, Fortune’s Keep, released this week.


SUMMON Zombie in Warzone Easter Egg! Fortune’s Keep Zombie Easter Egg Guide/Tutorial Warzone New Map

In this video from The Gaming Revolution they explain the wink: you must look for it in the cemetery of this new free to play map and light three candles by the cemetery. Next, interact with an unmarked grave by pressing ‘F’ (or the equivalent on your controller, such as Square) to “pay your respects”.

As a result, a zombie will appear, in a comical “T-Pose” to add more grace to the meta reference. If you kill him, you will get some money and kits to revive himself.

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In turn, this nod to the famous meme from 2014 may be a preview of the zombie mode that is about to arrive on the Rebirth’s Island map.

And it is that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the installment that comes out on October 28, 2022, will not have zombie modealthough Activision has many more experiences planned, like other free to play games.

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