AYA Neo Flip will bring the clamshell format to handheld PCs

AYA Neo Flip traerá el formato concha a los PCs de mano 29

Being one of the main competitors of the Steam Deck, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer is setting its sights further of the current format of these handheld PCs to go from the current portable console format to a format that is both more innovative and classic. And it is that the upcoming AYA Neo Flip will bring back the clamshell format.

Unfortunately, the details revealed are still quite scarce, barely being able to confirm that it will be a portable gaming device with a 7-inch LCD screenaccompanied by an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor with Radeon 680M graphics, and this cap design that will allow us to fold your screen.

A format that will mean a return to a design more similar to that of the Nintendo DS compared to the popular design of the Nintendo Switch. And it is that instead of having a screen centered between the controllers, the entire panel of the screen will be separated from them. Although what is not clear is whether, given the larger size of the AYA Neo Flip, we could expect the presence of additional buttons or controls in the same way as in its proposal for the AYA Neo Slide, which will hide a keyboard under its screen.

And it is that as we can see in this advanced image, analog sticks (and presumably the rest of the buttons) they will be slightly recessed inside the body of the console to prevent them from hitting the screen when the lid is closed. On the other hand, it highlights the fact that screen space seems quite optimizedwith fairly small bezels around the screen.

Thus, although these images seem to imply that the company already has this console practically finished, the fact that its launch is dated within the last quarter of this year it still leaves the door open for the AYA Neo Flip to see any last minute design changes. What is clear, however, is that

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