A goat wounds several Russian soldiers with grenades in the purest Goat Simulator style

A goat wounds several Russian soldiers with grenades in the purest Goat Simulator style

When a single goat has been able to injure a large group of Russian soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

One of the saddest events so far this year is the war in Ukraine, an invasion of Russia that is resulting in thousands and thousands of deaths and also an economic crisis that is looming, especially for Europe, very hard for next years.

The different armed forces of both sides put into play a multitude of traps and strategies to try to cause as many casualties as possible to the enemy.

And one of the traps that is being used the most in the conflict are the pertinent tripwires that detonate some kind of booby trap of grenades that may even be able to finish off a group of soldiers.


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But sometimes nature can make its own decisions, and it is that as they assure from the British media Mirror, a goat was able to injure several Russian soldiers after it detonated a booby trap of grenades placed by the invaders themselves.

They say the animal triggered tripwires set up by Russian forces, setting off a series of explosions and injuring a large group of invading soldiers. Specifically, this event happened in Kinski Rozdory, Zaporizhzhia.

The outlet explains that after the Russian soldiers set the trap, a goat that had previously escaped in the direction of a hospital, detonated the tripwires thus exploding the grenades and injuring a large group of Russian soldiers.

It is unknown if the goat is alive, but many say that it would have escaped to a nearby farm.

Despite this curious situation, wars are one of the scourges of humanity. At the moment Russia and Ukraine are betting on a long-term war where the availability of troops, the taking of strategic positions and the possession of weapons will surely put an end to a war that no one expected in Europe.

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