Twitter responds to the trend of threads with a new feature to write blog posts

Twitter responds to the trend of threads with a new feature to write blog posts

Twitter introduces Notes, blog entries that allow you to write long texts and position them in your TL without the need to make threads (or sometimes illegible notepad screenshots…).

Twitter just announced one of its most significant novelties since they expanded the number of characters from 140 to 280 back in 2017. For a few months now, some users have already been beta-testing a new feature called “notes“, which basically consists of creating blog posts.

The new Notes feature is accessed from the side tabs as part of a new menu called “Write”, which you probably don’t have yet (from which some users can also upload Newsletters). But in this gif you can get an idea of ​​how it will work.

Notes will offer a basic options for writing a blog post, apparently with no maximum number of words. Write a headline, a landscape image for the cover and insert images or videos between the paragraphs. Later, you can publish them as a tweet (but they also have their own URL, of course).

In the timeline, the Notes will look like tweets: the author’s name, their @username in parentheses, and the headline. Under, a link will take you to the blog post.

On the computer, the link does not make you leave Twitter, although it is recommended to click on “Open in new tab” so as not to lose your TL. From mobile, when opening the first “Notes” published, it has taken us to the browser, a nuisance that we hope will be corrected when this function starts to work.

In this Twitter threadthe official account @TwitterWrite has collected in a thread the first “Notes” posted by users who tried the feature early. An initiative similar to the Newsletters that they introduced in 2021, when they bought Revue.

Which is still curious when this function is born to capitalize on users’ habits of making long threads when want to write a lot (not to mention the habit of open notepad, write whatever you want, take a screenshot and upload it to Twitter as images).

Those customs were a bit against the nature of Twitter, so The company that Elon Musk will buy responds with this function that directly allows write blog posts and post them as regular tweetsso that whoever wants can enter.

Will Twitter Notes catch on, or will they remain a fad? Will most users get to use it, or will it be limited to journalists or influencers?





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