SEGA announces HYENAS, a multiplayer space shooter from the creators of Alien Isolation… in zero gravity!

SEGA announces HYENAS, a multiplayer space shooter from the creators of Alien Isolation... in zero gravity!

It turns out that SEGA was not dolphins, but hyenas. Creative Assmbly, makers of Total War and Alien Issolation, announce HYENAS, a new multiplayer space shooter where teams of three thieves steal valuable space merchandise… memorabilia from popular culture!

SEGA has announced a new game through IGN’s Summer of Gaming event. Yes, the one that some of us thought would be Ecco the Dolphin… but no, they weren’t dolphins, but hyenas!

Specifically we talk about HYENASa new multiplayer shooter from the creators of Alien Isolation, coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in 2023 (there will be an alpha on PC first).


HYENAS – Trailer

Creative Assembly published a few days ago the first images of Hyenas (at that time, still unnamed), a title they have been working on for four years. hyenas is a first person shooter starring a gang of space thieves and they will fight in arenas… in zero gravity.

(And no, they’re not real hyenas.)


HYENAS will not be a battle royale, but it will have an unusual lineup: it will face to 5 teams of 3 people in a very large environment, which we bet has PvE elements beyond the combats between players (drones, guards and things like that).

The objective of the “hyenas” is steal epic cargo (including nods to SEGA as a Sonic doll) of cargo ships that the rich use to transport objects of the popular culture of the Earth (destroyed) to their colonies on Mars.

And it is that hyenas come from space suburbs that is where most of humanity has ended up. Stealing merchandise is his way of getting revenge on the elites of Mars, though hyenas are not much to share, and will end up shotusing his unique abilities to run away with the merchandise.

On the HYENAS website Now you can sign up for alfa, which will be held soon on PC. HYENAS is due out in 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. It will be a very different game from Alien Isolation and Total War, an agile shooter with lots of humor (and riddled with pop culture references).

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