Here’s What Happens To Actors Who Spoil The MCU, According To A Marvel Lawyer

Here's What Happens To Actors Who Spoil The MCU, According To A Marvel Lawyer

A Marvel lawyer reveals the legal consequences that can come from an actor spilling the beans and sharing spoilers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

be one of the main Marvel Studios actors It has its advantages (such as a juicy salary), but it also carries its risks.

To quote Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.” The great power of being aware of the plot of the movie or series in which you participate and the great responsibility of not gutting important details of it to people.

Not everyone has fulfilled the latter to the letter. It is well known to all that poor Tom Holland was missing the spoilers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his co-stars had to make sure he didn’t spill the beans too much in interviews.

Another one who dances is Mark Ruffalo, who got to live stream the audio of Thor: Ragnarok by accidentSomething that the actor later acknowledged having learned the hard way not to make UCM spoilers.

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Although none of the actors had really severe repercussions, legal action could have been taken against them from Marvel Studios.

During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on ​​Reddit with Paul Sarker, former lead attorney for Marvel Studios, he was asked about the possible legal sanctions to the actors for making spoilers of the MCU.

The lawyer comments that, effectively, revealing secrets would be a breach of contract, which could expose them to being sued for damages. While the exact dollar amount would be difficult to pin down (since it varies depending on the specific situation), it would certainly be a major headache for the affected party, Sarker notes.

“Are there possible legal and financial ramifications if a Marvel actor ruins key plot points on purpose? What exactly can those Marvel snipers do?” one follower asked.

“Yes, this would probably be a breach of contract and you could be sued, damages would be hard to pin down in the abstract, but it would be very stressful!” the attorney responded.

Marvel actors better watch out for MCU spoilers from now on, as Marvel Studios could take legal action against them.. Do you think they will end up getting that far? Meanwhile, here we remind you of these 26 things from the Marvel MCU that have surprised us in all these years.

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