FPS From The Creators Of Alien Isolation Kicks Off An All-New Sci-Fi IP

FPS From The Creators Of Alien Isolation Kicks Off An All-New Sci-Fi IP

New details of the science fiction FPS that Creative Assembly has been working on for four years. The study ensures that it will be part of a totally new IP.

There is no doubt that Creative Assembly hit the table with Alien Isolation. His experience in strategy games led us to an excellent survival horror… which continues to be talked about today.

At the moment nothing is known about a sequel to Alien Isolation, but Creative Assembly is working on a new game with Sega. We are before a science fiction FPS (first person shooter).

The image you see above is the only thing we know about this title. Of course, the studio has revealed new (albeit brief) details of its next title, through Edge magazine (via GamesRadar).


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In an interview, the CEO and creative director of Creative Assembly, Gareth Edmondson and Alistair Hope, talk about this FPS without announcing how good it looks. And that we have only seen a curious image.

Creative Assembly He has been working on this title for four years, which will repeat the setting from Alien Isolation. It is also known that this shooter will be part of a new studio IP.

One of the keys to this new title will be ”the taste for detail and authenticity”. From Creative Assembly they want engage every moment with the source materialabout which we know absolutely nothing.

Creative Assembly FPS

Regarding the setting of this new shooter, everything indicates that we will see space stations, weapons and security alarms. Of course, we do not know if it will have elements of terror.

It is our new intellectual property and it is a world that we are creating and, of course, we’re wringing hands and we really want to get it right. We want to understand what authenticity looks like in a blue ocean or open sky, when you have a blank page in front of you.”.

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The Sega studio has been developing this science fiction FPS for four years, so it shouldn’t take much longer to find out the first official details. Will it be part of the Sega Supergame project?

How is the new Creative Assembly? As they tell us from the study, they want to take maximum care of their intellectual property and that implies time. Who knows, maybe over the summer we’ll learn more about the new shooter from the creators of Alien Isolation.

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