Guy Ritchie Will Direct The Russo Brothers’ Live-Action Remake Of Hercules

Guy Ritchie Will Direct The Russo Brothers' Live-Action Remake Of Hercules

Disney has once again trusted the director to be in charge of turning one of his great animation classics into reality.

Disney has decided to once again trust Guy Ritchie to turn one of its great animated classics into a live-action film, and this time the director will be in charge of Herculeswhich will also be produced by the Russo brothers through their company AGBO.

As reported Varietythe director has been chosen by Disney once again to direct this live-action remake that, at the moment, only has one screenwriter, Dave Callaham, who has worked on other projects such as the Spider-Man animated films produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


Aladdin – Trailer in Spanish of the remake

Callaham is in charge of writing the first draft while the studio looks for more writers to shape it. this new live-action film that is quite a challenge at the casting levelWell, you have to find who is going to play Hercules, the demigod who seeks his place in the world throughout the film.

The original Hercules animated film was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, and featured a soundtrack composed by Alan Menken. Starting from a budget of 85 million dollars, at the time it managed to raise more than 252 million dollars worldwide, becoming another of the most modern Disney classics, as it premiered in 1997.

Another project added to the director’s busy schedule Guy Ritchie who is currently working on a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal as a protagonist, while developing a series based on The Gentleman: The lords of the mafia and working on the pre-production of the second Aladdin film.

For its part, the Russo brothers continue their prolific relationship with Netflix and in July they will premiere their new movie, The Gray Man, their most expensive project to date, and with familiar faces from the UCM such as Chris Evans, who this time plays the villain.

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