Stranger Things S4 Fans Believe Eddie Has A Hidden Identity And Explain It With This Incredible Theory

Stranger Things S4 Fans Believe Eddie Has A Hidden Identity And Explain It With This Incredible Theory

Who is Eddie Munson? Is the founder of the Hellfire Club hiding something? A fan theory connects the character to the Hawkins Laboratory incident in Stranger Things S4.

Stranger Things has always been a successful series on Netflix Spain, but the first volume of season 4 is big words. We have all fallen in love with Vecna, the Hellfire Club, Chrissy or Eddie Munson. And that volume two hasn’t been released yet…

will be the next 1st of July when the outcome of Stranger Things S4 is available on Netflix, and for now fans continue to theorize about the surprises that will be revealed in the last two episodes.

There are a lot of exciting developments in Stranger Things season 4. Of all of them, maybe Eddie Munson’s character (played by Joseph Quinn) is the highlight.


Final trailer for Stranger Things 4, the first part of which arrives on Netflix on May 27

Many Stranger Things fans have fallen in love with the character, who debuts in Season 4 and quickly becomes a fixture for the Hawkins gang. However, there is a theory that the character could have a hidden identity

If you have not seen the first volume of Stranger Things S4, we ask you not to continue reading. It is necessary to name several spoilers to explain this incredible fan theory.


Every fan of Stranger Things knows what happened at the Hawkins Laboratory in 1979. Throughout season 4, different things are explained to us, such as that Vecna ​​is actually Henry Creel or certain secret experiments by Dr. Brenner.

Via a reddit post, a group of Stranger Things fans (which have increased considerably in Spain) have shared their particular theory about Eddie Munson. He is one of the new characters in the Netflix series, and for now not much is known about him.

As you know, Dr. Brenner experimented with 17 children in his laboratory. In the first episode of Stranger Things S4 we meet Here, subject that presents extraordinary powers just like Eleven.

stranger things

Shortly after it is dropped (never fully confirmed) that Ten is killed in the Hawkins Laboratory incident.. It really points to the fact that there are only two survivors left (three if we count Vecna).

These are Eleven and Dr. Brenner. Nevertheless, fans of the series believe that Ten is still alive… and it is none other than Eddie Munson. This theory agrees perfectly on aspects of age (Eddie is about 19-20 years old in 1986, and Ten seems to be around 12-13 in 1979).

Another detail that feeds this theory is a scene between Eddie and Chrissy in the woods. The young man tells the cheerleader that he had his head shaved when he was in high schooland conveniently wears a watch on his wrist… right where the 010 mark might be.

How is it possible that Eddie doesn’t remember anything about his supposed experience as Ten? The fans believe that the character suffered a coma as a result of One’s attack (the first subject of Brenner’s experiments), similar to what happened to Eleven in Season 3.

What would Stranger Things have been like outside of Netflix?

Stranger Things - GhostbustersStranger Things - Ghostbusters

This would place Eddie without powers, albeit with the ability to regain them one day. Fans believe that this theory will be confirmed in the last two chapters of season 4, which will arrive on July 1.

Can you imagine Eleven and Ten (Eddie) fighting against the monsters of the Upside Down World? No doubt the Hawkins boys would gain an extra powerful ally in their battle with Vecna, but whether this theory is correct or falls on deaf ears remains to be seen.

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