There will be no kissing with humans in Sonic Frontiers, confirms a Sega veteran

There will be no kissing with humans in Sonic Frontiers, confirms a Sega veteran

Takashi Iizuka confirms that Sonic will not kiss humans again in future games (nor in Sonic Frontiers). A clear dart from the veteran to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

There is no doubt that Sonic is an icon not only of video games, but also of popular culture worldwide. Throughout three decades we have had glorious moments… and others not so much.

Sonic Frontiers will be the next installment of the saga of the blue hedgehog (it will arrive at the end of this year), and in the last days we have had new details of the game…although fans are asking for him to hold off on seeing his gameplay and bosses.

We now know that Sonic Frontiers (and future games in the series) they will not have kisses with humans. It has been confirmed by the Sega veteran Takashi Iizukain an interview with Axios.


Sonic Frontiers – Gameplay Trailer

You may not quite get the reference, so we’ll explain: Iizuka is throwing a dart at Sonic The Hedgehog, a reboot released in 2006 that attempted to put a realistic spin on the franchise. It is one of the most criticized games in the saga by the blue hedgehog fandom.

In his ending, Sonic 2006 showed Princess Elise kissing Sonic in an attempt to revive him. This Sega veteran (who has been working on the saga since 1994) did not participate in this game.

I don’t think we’ll do that again” Takashi Iizuka bluntly exclaimed in the interview. This answer came as a result of an improvised compilation of ingredients that a good Sonic game should have.

Sonic 2006

This Sega veteran has also revealed two key rules in a hedgehog game. The first, of course, is the feeling of speed. ”Sonic has to go fast”, laughed Takashi Iizuka.

Did you know what the second rule is according to the veteran developer? Iizuka points out that Sonic must always need extra oxygen to swim. Indeed, our beloved hedgehog should NEVER swim alone.

Video game nods in Sonic 2 The Movie

Sonic 2Sonic 2

Despite fans’ wishes to delay Sonic Frontiers, Sega itself claims that the game is set to launch this year. They believe that Sonic Frontiers has the necessary quality to reach stores in 2022.

Sonic Frontiers is the next main game in the series, which is in development by Sonic Team. It will arrive in the final stretch of this year (still without a specific date) and will be available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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