Intel markets Arc A380 GPU in China, the first in retail

Intel Arc A380 lanzamiento China

As we have seen in recent days, it seems that Intel is determined to make a first deployment of its new dedicated Arc A380 graphics exclusively for the Asian territory. Although as they have just advanced from the web of VideoCardzwho have shared the latest official statement from Intel in China, will finally not only come installed on some preconfigured OEM computers like the one recently announced by MSI, but also will also begin to be marketed for direct purchase for the consumer.

As we can read in this document «the availability of the Intel Arc A380 graphics processing unit, the first of the Arc A-series 3 desktop graphics products […] will be available starting this month through PC ecosystem partners Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, GUNNIR, HP and MSI desktops. The launch will start in China and will expand globally over the summer«.

Currently the Intel Arc A380 is registered in China an introductory price of 1030 yuantremendously cheap figure that would be below 150 euros to change.

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A very attractive price, since, as Intel itself states, the Arc A380 is up to 25% faster than the Radeon RX 6400. And this GPU will be equipped with a base clock of 2000 MHz and a TDP of 75 W by default. It comes with 6 GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 16 Gbps. So compared to the ACM-G11 mobile GPUs, the desktop variant gets a full 96-bit memory bus and a higher memory bandwidth of 192GB/s.

That said, although there is doubt that A380 is an entry-level GPU, but it is still advertised as capable of gaming. Intel provided a set of gaming benchmarks that claims 1080p gaming at 60 FPS at medium settings is possible on popular (thus less demanding) titles.

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